Monday, August 31, 2009

Sad Anniversary

Later tonight, at 1:30 is when my Daryl passed away in my arms. Today has not been good so far, and I don't see it getting better overnight. Anyway, am still stitching, trying to keep my mind occupied, and have put aside the fortune cookie dolls to work on Le Grand Marquoir.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fortune Cookie Cards (or wall pictures)

Progress on the fortune cookie dolls....I have worked on these for a week, and now need a break, so am going to resume Le Grand Marquoir. I do like the way these are coming along, though.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Obviously, this is going to be the Monopoly board...This is also a fun project, just have lost interest for the moment.

Fortune Cookie Cards (or wall pictures)

Saw this in a magazine, and just had to stitch it for my daughter. This is one of a set of four fortune cookie cards, and I love the colors so far. I am not brave enough to tackle linen, so I tend to work on 18-count aida a lot. Am really pleased with the work so far.

Flower Map of Britain

This is another BAP I am working going to work on one project a day, a rotation, so I do not get bored. This is the start of a Jane Greenoff design, Flower map of Britain. This one is a replacement, I had to scrap the other one due to a mistake in the border that threw everythng off. I almost cried, but mostly was irritated that a year of stitching went in the garbage. Oh well....cest la vie.

Le Grand Marquoir

This is the beginning of a new cross stitch I have started, and am really excited about this!
It is "Le Grand Marquoir" by Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier, and I think it is coming along pretty well for 3 days work. I love the color, (DMC) and will add the gold accent after I have a few more letters done.

Real Men Don't Need Instructions (they don't!!)

This one I am particularily proud of. I made it for my Daryl for Father's Day, 2008, as it turns out, his last one with us. I framed it myself, and personalized it just for him, which he loved. Daryl was the perfect man, and this just said it all.